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Our success stems from balancing the needs of the user and a sense of ‘home’ in the Extra Care projects we undertake.

Whether new build or refurbishment projects, your developments will meet all legislative criteria and exceed the needs of your residents in terms of style and comfort. Our approach to each project is tailored to the needs of the operator. Yet like all Just Imagine clients you will enjoy a range of advantages.

Maximise occupancy and make your home more successful – we create comfortable, desirable places to live, not gloomy healthcare institutions.

Enjoy the satisfaction of providing excellent healthcare – better design leads to better care, and our designs exceed all required standards.

Have the design you want, not what the designer wants you to have! Just Imagine produces a range of decorating schedules so you can select what you like best.

Relax – enjoy peace of mind as we specify and procure the best products, furniture and furnishings that meet all health and safety and industry best-practice standards.

Achieve the most cost-effective fit-out – use our knowledge and experience to get the best items at the best prices, and our expertise for rapid and seamless work with contractors and suppliers.

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