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Dementia Care

Just Imagine Interiors are specialists in Interior Design for Dementia Care Homes, creating environments which encourage positive mental connections.

Positive psychology within care homes owes a great deal to the aesthetics of each accommodation’s interior, as well of course as the quality of care provision itself. We focus on creating a range of different spaces which achieve living environments which are satisfying and contribute to mental well-being. Each space that we design focuses on pleasant and aesthetically pleasing layouts with an in-depth appreciation for the challenges of caring. In the dining areas we create spaces that stimulate conversation and interaction as well as eating and dining. The living and lounge areas are joyous, welcoming and comfortable places so that the dementia care homes that we design look and feel like a comfortable high end residence with all the essential functional features to enable the staff to deliver the high standards of care that dementia residents need.

If the interior design creates a positive & enabling environment for the older residents then this can also have a positive affect on friends and family who visit the homes.

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