Why is Clever Care Home Design Important?

August 17th, 2018

Last week, we read an article about clever care home design at Treforys Care Home in Morriston, who’ve transformed one of its rooms into the Rovers Return from Coronation Street. In the article, we see the positive reaction to the alteration, named “the Treforys Tavern”, with one gentleman brought to tears when he saw it.

There is another gentleman that likes reading the paper by the fireplace… It is lovely. We have a lot of residents that still remember going to the pub or going to the pub quiz.

Here at Just Imagine, we are always delighted to hear about these instances where the design of the care home has positively impacted the resident. We have seen an incline of clients wanting more and more ‘themed’ areas, to provide an experience for the resident to socialise and bring back fond memories. The added benefits to these areas, examples such as a pub, corner shop or cinema, is that residents can feel encouraged to do more independent things without the need to leave the building – this improves mood and reduces agitation within the home.

Our task is to create these themed areas as destinations that people want to visit: