Dulux Colourfutures ™ 2019

February 27th, 2019

The most exciting part of each new year is to see what trends pop up within the interior design industry. As client tastes develop and change, we need to keep up with the latest design trends to be introduced to stay on top of our game. Every year, Dulux hosts the Colourfutures™ seminar in London’s Portland Place to discuss their ambitions for the year, showcase their research into colour theory and global trends that they foresee happening in the near future.   long   This year there was a prominent focus on the environment, by using more natural organic products and being heavily influenced by natural colours and textures. Dulux have their own creative team of people whose primary role is colour design and forecasting, continuously monitoring social, cultural and design trends as they emerge all over the globe. This year’s colour of the year is Dulux’s Spiced Honey™, a warm brown inspired by the varied tones and properties of honey and truly reflects the optimistic mood of ‘Let the Light in’. Within the 16 years of shaping the evolution of colour, Dulux has been creating colour charts of each year showing  

“Our unique trend insights allow us to predict with confidence what is going to be important to our consumers in the coming year.” – Heleen Van Gent

  We are able to relate the research Dulux have made with our own practice at Just Imagine, by linking their trends to benefit people with Dementia. According to Dulux, the 2019 mood is Optimism, with the overriding theme being Let the Light In. This is especially relevant in our designs, as the best thing we can do when designing for dementia is to bring as much light as possible into the spaces we are designing. Sunlight benefits the circadian rhythm pattern of everyone, but it’s even more prominent in people with dementia that have been shown to have disturbed sleep/wake patterns. That’s why we are loving the benefits of this year’s paint and colour trends, and we can’t wait to see where these new colours will take us this year.