Dementia Awareness Week 2017

May 22nd, 2017

Last week was Dementia Awareness Week 2017, which is a very important event here at Just Imagine as we’re constantly trying to further educate ourselves on dementia & seeing new ways of improving the environment around people with dementia. We’ve been tweeting & sharing information about dementia on our social media sites to try to spread awareness & help people who may be in need of assistance or who may not be aware of the signs of dementia.

Thousands of events took place across England, Wales & Northern Ireland, many of which saw people raising & donating money to fight the condition, volunteering for Side by Side, campaigning for change & becoming Dementia Friends.

We here at Just Imagine are all Dementia Friends following our seminar in June last year, which was a very interesting and informative day exploring methods of helping people with dementia through design, hosted by Johnstone Paints, Panaz & Miriam and Leah from our very own office.

Find out more about what everyone got up to during Dementia Awareness Week, & see what you can do to help here!