Located within a sleepy corner of Reading this new two-storey purpose built building offers a very inviting and accommodating space for independent living. With 34 – one bedroom apartments the Interior Design brief required us to thoughtfully introduce elements of the local area and aspects of historical significance within the design.  We wanted to create an environment in which residents would feel a sense of independence with wide open spaces and carefully selected colours to assist with way finding throughout. Upon entering a rich palette of colour welcomes you into the home with a deep rich blue feature colour running through the ground floor giving a sense of warmth.

Rich yellow ochre tones bring the first floor to life with carefully selected art work along the homes spacious corridor areas. Breakout seating pockets lace the corridors. Helping to give a feel of independent living the entrance to each apartment has a recessed door way with space for a memory shelf unique to each resident. A light pelmet has been placed above to aid way finding. Paying homage to the historical significance of the surrounding location in the homes communal lounge areas and dining room, unique art work depicts local famous people and the local lake. These spaces give a sense of relaxation to the residents and a chance to socialise in a homely and enjoyable environment.