Located between the seaside town of Frinton-on-Sea and Holland-on-Sea, this luxury private care home stands surrounded by splendid landscaped gardens and the rolling countryside.

The building has a fresh take on Victorian inspired architecture – its bell tower and clapperboard façade gives it a coastal feel, which is paid tribute to in the contemporary interiors mixed with traditional elements. A decorative compass detail placed in the entrance lobby pays homage to the coastal location.

Working with the existing interiors, the bespoke bar follows the unique shape of the piazza style foyer with beading details of the façade complementing the current columns. A muted palette is brought to life with accent bold hues – smart traditional pattern is introduced to the scheme through the upholsteries.

The home offers an extensive range of amenities, from a private dining room for residents to dine with family, to the cinema room that oozes luxury with the rich darkened teal ceiling and metallic wallpaper. The bespoke media unit showcases vintage film posters in a glamorous distressed mirror finish, with the comfiest chairs in stylish upholsteries.