Book of You – Local Breakthrough in Dementia Care?

May 11th, 2018

The According to research done by Alzheimer’s Society (2014b), too many people with dementia aren’t living as well as they could:

  • 61% felt anxious or depressed recently
  • 40% felt lonely recently
  • 52% don’t feel they get enough support from the government
  • 34% don’t feel part of their community
  • 28% aren’t able to make decisions about how they spend their time
  • 18% aren’t living well with dementia

Based on these facts alone, it shows that there needs to be vast improvements to the developments of dementia care, specifically in ways that can directly affect the person with dementia. Dementia costs over £30,000 per person with dementia each year, yet only £90 per person is spent on research. This needs to change.

This is why it’s refreshing to see an innovative new product, The Book of You, being created and developed by Tom & Kathy Barham, Danielle Bartley-Jones, Neil Bryson and Caroline Thomspson right on our doorstep in North Wales. The product is called Book of You, which is an interactive app that allows the user to create a book of memories, interests & nostalgia that can help ease the resident’s mind, as well as assisting care staff to learn more about the lives and personalities of the people they are caring for.

This app is developed with the assistance of Professor Bob Woods, Professor of Clinical Psychology of the Elderly: Dementia Services Development Centre at Bangor University:

Reminiscence is one of the most popular approaches in dementia care, tapping into the person’s store of long-term memories.  Our research indicates that the best evidence for its effectiveness is when the person has a life story book, which we have shown results in improved quality of life.  We have already seen that digital life story books add further to the benefits of conventional paper books, with potential for music, narration and video clips, giving greater power to memory triggers.”

It’s always exciting to see different approaches to help people living with dementia in positive ways, and we are excited to see what this app has in store for the future.

To find out more, visit their website: